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About Us
Turtle Turbines manufactures Steam Turbine Generators. Founded in 1999, Turtle Turbines has swiftly grown into full cycle manufacturing company providing world class contemporary products and services for environment friendly Energy Generation and Conservation to Process, Manufacturing and Service Industries. Building Reliable, Robust and Intelligent products on a modular platform ensures complete reliability, repeatability and ease of operation.

Bare shaft Turbines are imported from SKINNER, USA and complete systems are assembled in Turtle Turbines modern manufacturing facility. SKINNER has a legacy of more than 135 years with Steam. These most reliable turbines are unitized by Turtle Turbines into Reliable, Robust and Intelligent Steam Turbine Generators. This has made it possible for Turtle Turbines to deliver world class products at an acceptable price. Every product is engineered, designed and manufactured to the world’s best standards. Turtle Turbines has earned reputation and customer base across India and South East Asia.

Commitment to Create Value for its customers through Excellence in Energy Engineering  and continuously innovating newer ways of applying time tested primary technologies along with a 360o Customer Centric Approach has always been in the centre stage at Turtle Turbines . We strongly believe, with the core equipment in small to medium power plants such as Turbines and Boilers evolving over a period of time and the technologies being fairly at par, it’s the right configuration and application of the systems that matters the most. All systems proposed by Turtle Turbines go through full cycle application engineering since we believe every requirement is unique.

Mission Statement

To be a unique Global Player providing Energy Solutions by Continuously Innovating ways of Applying Primary Technologies and Synergistically Unitizing machine components in a Simplified Manner to build Game Changing Contemporary Products with equal focus on Performance and User Experience.

Quality Policy

To follow Quality Standards that produce Globally Acceptable Products by using World’s best Technologies, Materials and Methods and continuously measure, control and improve the Quality Standards to deliver Realizable Product Benefits to THE CUSTOMER. We continuously apply the Quality Standards to our products and to finer aspects of USER EXPERIENCE

Environment Policy

We deliberately control our activities in a manner our carbon foot print is reduced on a continuous basis.
Our action or inaction shall be consciously directed towards using methods and materials that do not alter the environment around us.
Our present products and those we develop in future shall help our customers to reduce emissions while meeting their energy demands in an environment friendly way.

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