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Case Studies
Cogeneration / CHP : Lime Chemicals Plant
Installation Information  
Industry Type Lime Chemicals
Location Poanta Sahib, Himachal Pradesh. India
Installed & Commissioned December 2005
Power Utilization Scheme Synchronized with Plant Grid
Brief Scheme  
Operating Data    
Before the Turbine
After the Turbine
Boiler Steam Generation 6 TPH @ 10 bar Dry Saturated 6 TPH @ 32 bar 320oC
Boiler Fuel Biomass Biomass
Grid Power Consumption 350 kWh 25 kWh
Turbine Power Generation 0 kWh 325 kWh
Total Power Consumption 350 kWh 350 kWh
Cost of Power from Grid Rs. 5.50 / kWh | 0.125 $/kWh Rs. 5.50 / kWh| 0.125 $/kWh
Operation days per annum 300 days 300 days
Cost of Power Drawn per annum Rs. 138.60 Lakhs | 315,000 $ Rs. 9.90 Lakhs | 22,500 $
Gross Savings Per annum
Rs. 128.70 Lakhs | 292,500 $
No of Turbine Operators
Nil (virtually unmanned operation)
Maintenance Cost per Annum
Rs. 2.25 Lakhs | 5,113 $
Cost of Additional Fuel for Power Generation
Rs. 29.72 Lakhs | 67,546 $
Total Operation & Maintenance
Rs. 31.97 | 72,659 $
Net Savings per Annum
Rs. 96.73 Lakhs | 219,841 $
% Power Cost Saving
92.86 %
The Turbine Generator is incorporated with TurboSmartTM Turbine Controller. This makes it possible to operate the turbine virtually unmanned. The Boiler Operator himself can attend the Turbine once in a hour for general observation and log sheet entry.
Additional Fuel Cost is calculated considering cost of Steam Generation as Rs. 1000 per Ton of Steam (22.73 $ / Ton of Steam)
Calculations are simplified and does not take into account cost of finance and depreciation benefit for ease of understanding. Please consult Turtle Turbines for detailed working for your specific application.
This turbine was installed in 2005 and has already paid back the investment. The calculations above are done with present costs.
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