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vaporpower TM
Plug & Play Energy Recovery Turbines to replace PRVs for process industries

Process plants generate steam at higher pressure than their processes need. Pressure Reducing Valves (PRVs) are used to reduce the steam pressure to the process pressure.The steam pressure energy is lost in a PRV without doing much work. vaporpowerTM Energy Recovery Turbines recover this steam pressure energy and convert it into usable clean electrical energy. vaporpowerTM can work with standard saturated steam process boilers of 10 kg/cm2(g) and steam flow as low as 2000 kg/hr. These systems are installed parallel to PRVs with minimum changes to the steam piping and in most of the cases without affecting your process plant.
vaporpowerTM Energy Recovery Turbines are easy to operate and do not demand continuous manual intervention, except while putting ON and OFF. Lesser number of parts and rugged design ensure lower maintenance cost. vaporpowerTM Energy Recovery Turbines generate 100% clean energy and thus reduce your carbon foot print.
Arrow Plug & Play - simple installation
Arrow Sound Proof Canopy
Arrow Open to Sky Installation
Arrow Virtually unmanned operation
Arrow 7" Touch HMI Graphical Display
Arrow Works on Saturated Steam
Arrow Synchronizes with Grid
Arrow 24 X 7 Reliable Operation
Arrow Sleeve and Antifriction Bearings
Arrow 50,000 L10 rating - Bearings
Arrow Horizontally Split Casing
Arrow Stainless Steel Blades
Arrow Forged rotors
Arrow 17-4 Stainless Steel shaft
Arrow Efficient Alloy nozzles
Arrow Multiple Carbon Rings and Gland Seals
Arrow Positive Overspeed Trip
Arrow Patent Pending
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