Steam Turbines Manufacturer in India

Centralized Power


Power is generated at a centralized location and transmitted via Grid to the industry. Owing to the intrinsic limited efficiency of Rankine Cycle, only about 30% of Energy generated by burning the Coal is converted into Electrical Power. Up to 20% of this power is lost as Transmission and Distribution losses, thus only about 24% of Energy reaches the consumption point. The remaining 76% is dumped as Heat to the atmosphere adding to Global Warming. Every kWh of Power generated adds about 1 kg of CO2 to the atmosphere.


As an easy example, only a small 1250 kW capacity out of the large Centralized Thermal Power Plant is diagrammatically represented here. Out of 1250 kW about 20% is lost as Transmission and Distribution losses and only 1000 kW reaches the consumption point. A 1250 kW Centralized Power generation adds 10,000 Tons of CO2 to the atmosphere annually.

Distributed Cogeneration


Heat and Power are generated from a single primary source of Fuel. The exhaust heat from the Cogeneration Power Plant goes for process heating of the industry and the Power is consumed locally. Since the Power is generated and consumed on site, there are no Transmission and Distribution losses. The system efficiency of Cogeneration Power Plant thus reaches to as high as 84%, compared to a meager 24% of Centralized Power Plant.


A comparable Cogeneration plant of 1000 kW Capacity is diagrammatically represented here. Besides generating power at low cost due to high system efficiency, Cogeneration also reduces Carbon emissions up to 72%.

Steam Turbines Manufacturer in India

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