Generate Power at 25%

With Cogeneration, power can be generated at, as low as, 25% of the Grid / Utility Power Cost. Since Heat and Power are generated from signal primary fuel, the system efficiencies increase to as high as 80%. Also 20% of Transmission and Distribution losses in case of the Grid Power is saved since the power is generated on site.

Case Study

Vegetable Oil Refinery
Power Demand 970 kW
Steam Demand 12 TPH @ 3.5 barg
Boiler Parameters 35 barg 350 C
Grid Power Cost 7.50 Rs/kWh | 0.1 $/kWh
Operating Hours/Annum 7200 hrs
Power Generated by Turbine 700 kW
Power Drawn from the Grid 270 kW
Cost of Power
Before Turbine Rs. 523.80 Lakhs | $ 770,295.00
After Turbine Rs. 145.80 Lakhs | $ 214,411.00
Gross Savings / Annum Rs. 378.00 Lakhs
$ 555,882.00
Less, Maintenance Cost / Annum Rs. 7.50 Lakhs
$ 11,030.00
Less, Cost of Additional Fuel Rs. 90.50 Lakhs
$ 133,088.00
Net Savings / Annum Rs. 280.00 Lakhs
$ 411,764.00
% Of Power Cost Saved / Annum 53.50%
Cost of Power 25% of Grid Power

The total investment gets paid back within less than a year. Reduction in the cost of production continues year after year, for 15 years. Also, the TURTLE Turbine Generator maintains a near constant back pressure, improving process efficiency of the Vegetable Oil plants further.


TURTLE Turbine Generators can also work on existing medium and low pressure Saturated Steam boilers.


Note: Values above are based on certain fuel and other costs which can be different for every case. The savings may thus get affected. Please contact us for specific feasibility calculations for your specific case.


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