Smart Power Grid within your Factory

With an intelligent choice in your hands on when to use grid power and when to operate completely independent of Grid or in a combination of these, you have complete control over your power cost.

Independence from Grid Failures - 24X7 Power

Your own Grid. Easy to maintain as per predefined maintenance schedule targeted at 99.99% uptime, which means continuous power. No production losses

Constant Frequency & Voltage - Higher Production

Grid frequency and voltage vary based on the load on the Grid. All your equipment and machinery underperform at lower grid frequency and voltage. Smart Microgrid, when working in island mode, can ensure near constant and optimum frequency and voltage.

No Transmission & Distribution Losses

Transmission losses range from around 3.5% in Europe to 20% in India and more. With Microgrid SMT, the transmission losses are near zero offering straight savings upto 20%.

Highest System Efficiency - Heat & Power + RE

Opportunity to generate Heat, Power and Chilling form a single source of fuel. Renewable Energy sources such as Solar and Wind can be seamlessly integrated. System efficiency can be as high as 80%.

Onsite Distributed Power - Green Energy Credits

Distributed Energy Leads to reduced CO2 emissions. Validated systems may lead to Carbon Credits, Energy Saving Certificates and mitigation of Carbon Tax

Freedom to Decide Most Economical Location for the Industry

With Microgird SMT you have the ultimate freedom to decide where your industry should be located – near the Raw Materials, Near the Market or Near the source of suitable manpower.

Future Ready Technology

As Governments worldwide shift their focus towards ‘governance’ from ‘provider’,  Microgrid Smt will prepare your industry for future energy scenarios


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