Onsite Smart Power

If you are using steam in your process, you have potential to generate Smart Power.

The Concept


Process and Manufacturing Industries using Steam for process heating have potential to generate Captive Power by using Cogeneration Technology. Steam is generated at high or medium pressure and usually a Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) is used to drop the pressure to process pressure. A Steam Turbine can be installed to drop the Steam Pressure to Process Pressure and Generate Power. Power is generated at low cost compared to the grid power since only the pressure difference is used to generate power. Thus the investment in Steam Turbine Generators Gets Paid Back.

Power Utilization


Power generated depends on quantity of steam flow to the process plant. Grid Power or Diesel Generator Power is used to meet difference between the total power demand and the power generated from Steam Turbine Generator. Automated PLC based control system synchronises the turbine power with the grid power.


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