Remote Health Monitoring



Most advanced Remote Monitoring System, seamlessly integrated into Turbine Operation and Health Monitoring. Critical operating parameters are mapped and uploaded to Server. The data uploaded is continuously analysed using advanced algorithms. The server then shoots out actionable notifications and alerts to ensure higher machine up time.

24 X 7 Health and Performance Monitoring

While the Turbine runs unmanned, all critical Hygiene, Health and Performance Parameters are monitored remotely.

Unique Hygiene - Health - Performance Concept *

Based on unique concept of Hygiene leads to Health and Health to Performance. Turbine?s Health is continuously monitored to ensure Performance is delivered..

Critical Notifications via SMS to Operator and Manager

Alarms and Trips are communicated by way of SMS to Operator and the Manager to ensure they are attended while Turbine runs unmanned.

Preventive Maintenance

Maximum uptime since TurboVision enables Preventive Maintenance like never before. The data is logged online and analysed to mitigate breakdowns.

24 X 7 Service Support Backup

TurboVision is backed by Customer centric service support with experienced and dedicated Service Technicians and availability of Critical Spares.

Multilevel Responsibilities & Escalation

Intuitive Screens for Operator, Manager and Owner / Plant Head, presenting the exact data needed to take decisions. Unattended Notifications get automatically escalated to the next level.

OEM Screens for Turtle Turbines to monitor

Critical issues can be understood and resolved by Turtle Turbines remotely to ensure uninterrupted operation of Turbines even in remote areas.

Online Instant Messaging for Support and Advise

Operators and Managers can directly chat with Turtle Turbines Service Experts via Online Instant Messaging.


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