TUSKER MLT – Extraction – Back Pressure

Steam Turbines Manufacturer in India

Rugged and Efficient

Modern Multistage Turbine with ruggedness of Single Stage Turbine. Unique combination of Efficiency and Ruggedness.

Back Pressure Turbine with Extraction

The smallest Back Pressure Turbine with a built in option for Extraction.

Lowest Operating Cost and Long Life

Based on time tested design principles, keeping reliability as the basic design parameter, leading to lowest Operating Cost and Long Life.

Automated Operation & Auto Grid Sync

No additional specialised manpower required, virtually unmanned operation. Auto Turbine Health Monitoring with Automatic Grid Synchronisation at push of a button

Factory Assembled & Live Steam Tested

Completely assembled in factory within controlled environment for world class quality and tested on Live Steam before dispatch.

Quick Startup and Shutdown

Turbine starts and shuts down within the shortest time from Cold Condition and virtually instantly from Hot Condition.

Piping & Electrical Engineering Support

Engineering support for Electrical, Piping and Room Layouts as part of scope to ensure seamless and successful installation.

Materials of Construction confirming to world's best standards

Manufactured from materials confirming to world’s best standards such as ASTM, EN etc.


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