We have installed 350KW Steam Turbine Generator from Turtle Turbines (P) Ltd. Pune, at our factory in Tarapur, Maharashtra. It has been installed and commissioned successfully and has been running continuously since commissioning. We appreciate the support received for Steam Piping & Electrical related details. The STG was delivered as per committed time frame & installed in our existing setup within limited space and running satisfactorily with local electricity grid. We are pleased with overall performance of STG unit. We wish Turtle Turbines all the best for bright future.

Turtle Turbines is technically sound company which believes in customer specific solutions. For our unique first of its kind Vegetable Oil Refinery which runs at low pressure, we purchased a 350 kVA Steam Turbine Generator (STG) form Turtle Turbines in 2005. TM The Turbine has unique virtually unmanned TurboSmart Turbine Control System developed by Turtle Turbines. For small power users like us, it has proven to be very beneficial as we do not need to hire expensive, trained and skilled turbine operators. This STG works in load sharing with our local power source flawlessly and all the controls are automatic. Impressed with performance of this machine, we purchased another 600 kVA steam turbine during 2009 and another two steam turbines of 350 kVA and 1250 kVA during 2017 from Turtle Turbines. All these STGs are working satisfactorily and we wish Turtle Turbines a very bright future.

We purchased 1000 kVA Back Pressure Steam Turbine Generator from Turtle Turbines during 2008. Complete system engineering was carried out by Turtle Turbines along with supply of equipment and supervision of commissioning. The system did encounter certain unforeseen issues during the commissioning; however Turtle Turbines put its best efforts and finally sorted out the problems. I appreciate the dedicated service of Turtle Turbines. The system has been running satisfactorily since then.