About Us

We believe, a dependable Smart Power Source opens up radical business avenues for our Customers.

Our Customers benefit immensely by generating their own Onsite Distributed Power which also keeps our planet Clean.

We craft our Products from First Principles, challenging the old dogmas.

We build Great Products.


20 years ago an idea was born and a question was asked, how to generate Green Power that is commercially viable? We founded Biogreen Energy
Systems to find an answer to this question. Since 1999 we have come a long way in finding an answer, taking time to hone it to the precision required and to deliver working solutions on a consistent basis.


During 2005 we joined hands with Skinner Power Systems of USA in taking our dream forward of delivering reliable cogeneration solutions at sub-MW power levels. Skinner’s Steam Turbine technology is time-tested and matured to perfection over the last 150 years since its inception.


In retrospection, during 2015 we realised our business revolves around providing reliable, robust and intelligent solutions. To symbolise these core qualities, we changed our company’s name to Turtle Turbines.


Our pioneering work in integrating Steam Turbines into steam and electrical systems of the process plant has been well appreciated by our demanding customers. With the experience of working in more than 10 countries in different industry segments, Turtle Turbines today is considered as the front runner in the area of cogeneration for small and medium power ranges.


We work closely with all Boiler Manufacturers, Process Plant OEMs and Engineering Consultants to deliver seamless Cogeneration Solutions and to meet your critical engineering standards and plant safety norms. PLC based Automated Turbine Controls accommodate varying steam flows and power demands. This also ensures automatic synchronisation with electrical grid and Diesel Generators (DG). Unique Power Protect* schemes can retain your critical loads on turbine power even when the grid fails, avoiding black outs and associated production losses.


We craft great products to the highest technical standards. Every Steam Turbine is factory tested on live steam before dispatch to ensure 100% defect free product delivery. The Turbines are installed at site by trained and experienced technicians. 24 x 7 After Sales Service support is provided by a network of in-house Expert Technicians, backed by a centralised ERP based information management system.


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