Packaged Steam Trubine Cogeneration for Process Industries

Steam Turbines are one of the oldest machines used to convert heat energy into useful mechanical or electrical energy. At the same time cogeneration is also an age-old technique used by large-scale steam users such as the sugar industry. Simultaneous generation of TWO forms of energy (i.e. steam and power) is generally known as Cogeneration or Combined Heat and Power (CHP). This paper elaborates how Steam Turbine based Cogeneration can be successfully applied to small and medium scale process industries.


Vaporpower Questionnaire For Energy Recovery Turbine

Quest for deriving higher efficiency from the existing systems has spurred need for newer technologies which promise a Green World. Vaporpower is an innovative first of its kind technology based on most proven Rankin Cycle in use since the first power plant of the world was designed. A system that is robust, easy to maintain and simple to operate allows you to generate much more power form the same fuel in a hassle free manner.


Steam Turbine Questionnaire For Cogeneration

Turtle Turbines Manufactures Packaged Steam Turbine Generators that are factory assembled and skid mounted. Steam Turbines are designed and manufactured to world's best Standards in a ISO 9001-2015 Accredited manufacturing facility. Simplifying the complex Cogeneration Technology has been our mission for last 20 years. Every turbine is factory tested on live steam before it is dispatched to site.


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