VAPORPOWER – Micro Turbine


Energy Recovery Turbine

Practical Energy Conservation Product with quick payback. Recovers PRV pressure drop into useful Electrical Energy.

Quantifiable Reduction in Carbon Emission

Easily measure and report reduction in carbon emission. Potential to earn Carbon Credits, Energy Saving Certificates or mitigate Carbon Tax.

Designed for Saturated Steam

Designed and Time Tested to work on challenging Dry Saturated Steam.

Weather and Sound Proof Compact Product

Packaged in a Weather Proof and Sound Proof compact enclosure. Factory Assembled and ready to install. Live Steam Tested before dispatch.

Accurate Process Pressure Control

Maintains more accurate Process Pressure than a PRV leading to improvement in product quality of the process plant.

Automated Operation & Auto Grid Sync

No additional specialised manpower required, virtually unmanned operation. Auto Turbine Health Monitoring with Automatic Grid Synchronisation at push of a button

Piping & Electrical Engineering Support

Engineering support for Electrical, Piping and Room Layouts as part of scope to ensure seamless and successful installation.

Materials of Construction confirming to world's best standards

Manufactured from materials confirming to world’s best standards such as ASTM, EN etc.


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