Steam Turbines are used for many applications for Power generation in power plants, combine power and heat application, cogeneration, etc.
There are 5 Common mistakes in turbine room construction.

  1. The turbine Room layout is not planned properly.
    The turbine room layout should be planned as per the recommendations of the Turbine Supplier
  2. Turbine room environment not dust free.
    For proper operation of the turbine, the turbine room should be dust free.
  3. Insufficient space around the turbine.
    Sufficient space is required around the turbine for checking steam or oil leakage, maintenance of the turbine, and also for the safety of the operator.
  4. The turbine room does not have sufficient air and natural light.
    The turbine room should be well-lit and ventilated.
  5. Steam piping and cabling were not carried out appropriately.
    Turbine piping routing and supporting should be proper. Cabling should be routed through trenches.
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