Buying a Steam Turbine is a critical job. Since the Steam Turbine is hooked up between the Boiler and Process, it’s functioning is very important thus the selection of steam turbine needs special attention. Following are some important points while purchasing the steam turbine,

  1. The Turbine should be looked at from the total life cycle cost and not the individual equipment cost.
  2. Total steady power delivery should be considered rather than the highest possible power turbine can give at peak performance. In certain instances, the maximum power delivery is higher whereas the actual power delivery is short because of the underrated performance at partial flow.
  3. Performance of Turbine plays a major role, frequent shutdowns cut the per unit cost benefit.
  4. Spending more on capital costs can be a wise decision rather than losing money due to frequent shutdowns.
  5. The steam coming out of the turbine should deliver constant precise back pressure which leads to constant heating for the main process thus improving product quality along with the power generation benefit.
    The above few things result in the effective purchase of the equipment for the purpose.