In many industries extraction condensing turbines are used for generating in-house power generation. Nowadays several industries are modifying the extraction condensing to a simple back pressure turbine for various reasons. Following are the 5 reasons for converting an extraction condensing turbine to a back pressure turbine.

  1. Power generation cost – Since the increase in coal prices the cost of power generation by condensing the steam is higher than the grid power cost
  2. Lower power demand – Due to lower power demand in the process
  3. High operational cost – due to an increase in the operational cost
  4. Increase in process steam consumption – Because of the increase in steam consumption in power, condensing steam aimed to routed into the process and this condensing module is closed or removed and the turbine is redesigned
  5. Loss in Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) – due to an increase in fuel cost the cost of power generation is more than the cost of power in PPA

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