Preventive maintenance is the predetermined periodic based maintenance activity. In that steam turbine is taken offline, opened up, and inspected. After visual inspection repairs are made and the machine will be put back online. In this type of maintenance replacement, overhauling and remanufacturing activities are done at fixed periodic intervals regardless of the machine’s condition at the time.
Preventive maintenance of components is the main part of the cost of steam turbine operations. Normally steam turbines are repaired when they break down, but there are several advantages of using Preventive Maintenance instead. Following are some major advantages of Preventive Maintenance of steam turbine

  1. Preventive maintenance saves time and avoids secondary damage, which both save costs.
  2. Several components can be maintained when the steam turbine is to be stopped anyway.
  3. The optimal time for the next preventive maintenance activity and which exact components will attend to. This involves optimization under uncertainty.
  4. Using preventive maintenance schedules, it can monitor the ages of the components as well as operational data from the steam turbine.
  5. Using optimal scheduling of preventive maintenance, the cost may be considerably reduced.
  6. In preventive maintenance like Systematic inspection, detection and correction of failures either before they occur or before they develop into major defects will be avoided.
  7. Preventive maintenance is performed specifically to prevent faults from occurring in steam turbines.
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