Steam is quite commonly used for heating and sterilizing dairy equipment in dairy manufacturing plants. The milk processing plant utilizes steam for processing and Pasteurizing raw milk and dairy products under heat treatment. Also, Ultra Heat Temperature (UHT) is the process that increases the milk temperature and sterilizes it to remove bacterial spores. Raw milk is processed into a wide variety of dairy products which include: Pasteurised milk, Cheese, Butter, and Yoghurt.
The dairy was previously completely dependent on the grid for electricity, with separate gas-fired boilers used to produce steam for processes. This results in an inefficient and expensive system where heat and steam are lost, which can be used for the processes. CHP system can be very helpful to increase the efficiency of the plant.
Usually, Dairy plants are set up with the high Pressure-Temperature Boilers. For processes, the steam required is way lower than the generated by high Pressure-Temperature boilers. PRV/PRDS is connected between Boiler and process units, and used to reduce the Pressure-Temperature as per requirements in processes. Back Pressure Steam Turbines can substitute PRV/PRDS system. This will lead to the cogeneration solution which is provided by the Turtle Turbines.
Back Pressure Steam Turbines help us to generate electricity which can be further used for processing units and is also able to supply required Pressure-Temperature for processes like pasteurization, etc.

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