In the era of ever increasing prices of Energy and the hard pressing need of reducing carbon footprint and green house gas emission, the process industry is going through a challenging situation where all the energy auditors and industry specialists are looking for Energy Efficiency Solutions. Process equipment manufacturers are exploring posibilities by redesigning their equipments to reduce energy consumption and reuse waste energy in processes.

Various energy audits conduted by experts in process industries which utilise steam in their processes for various applications such as heating, sterilisation, pasteurisation and drying result in utilising alternative technologies to enhance energy efficiency. Answers to such technological adaptions lead to utilising potential available in the steam by implementing Energy Efficiency Solutions, one of them being Steam Turbine Generators. There is a great opportunity hidden in the process industry which can tap the very high potential source of energy using Steam Turbine Generators which operate on the existing set-up available in the process industry which typically generate medium to high pressure steam in the boilers and utilise the steam in process at lower pressures as required by the individual process.

Generally, process industries use Pressure Reducing Valves, commonly known as PRVs, where abundant amount of energy is lost while dropping boiler pressure to a lower pressure required by the process. Here is an opportunity to implement Micro Steam Turbines as an Energy Efficiency Solution which can deliver the same function as that of a PRV yet generate a considerable amount of power while supplying the steam in process as demanded. The steam turbine enhances the energy efficieny of the thermal process by utilising the high grade heat available in the steam and dropping it within the turbine during conversion of this potential energy into electrical energy. The steam thus available from the turbine is maintained at a more precise pressure by advanved electronic controllers which further enhances the process efficieny due to stable pressure / temperature being supplied to the process.

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Turtle Turbines is one of the most reputed Steam Turbine Manufacturers In India. For more information visit now