Extraction Back Pressure Steam Turbines play a crucial role in harnessing the power of steam to generate electricity and provide thermal energy across various industries. Extraction back pressure steam turbines are a specific type of steam turbine that efficiently utilizes both mechanical and thermal energy from high-pressure steam. Extraction back pressure steam turbines have the ability to extract intermediate-pressure steam at various stages of the turbine’s expansion process.

This extracted steam can then be utilized for industrial processes or district heating, enhancing the overall efficiency of the power generation system. The primary principle behind the extraction back-pressure steam turbines lies in the controlled extraction of steam at different pressure levels. This extracted steam, instead of being completely expanded in the turbine, is diverted for specific applications.

Extraction Back pressure steam turbines are used to enhance efficiency by utilizing the extracted steam for other processes like heating or industrial work, these turbines maximize the energy extracted from the steam, improving overall efficiency. The extraction steam pressure can be customized to various pressure and temperature levels, making it adaptable to a wide range of industrial processes, such as cogeneration and district heating. Extraction-back pressure steam turbines contribute to cost savings by reducing the need for separate energy sources for different applications, making them an economical solution for power and heat generation. Extraction back pressure steam turbines are environmentally friendly, a step towards sustainable energy generation. Using excess steam for productive purposes minimizes wastage and carbon emissions.

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