First, we need to understand that every unit of energy has its specific cost. The energy we received is either coming from fossil fuels or renewable energy sources

Energy conservation means the efforts made to reduce the consumption of energy by using less energy. This can be achieved either by using energy more efficiently through technological upgrades or by reducing wastage and losses and improving operation and maintenance.

Conventional energy sources like fossil fuels are diminishing day by day and thus energy bills are rising exponentially.

In any industry consuming steam have the potential to generate power. Pressure energy lost in the PRDS system can be conserved by using Steam turbines to develop more efficient electrical energy.
Due to steam turbines, the overall efficiency of the process increases. It will help to reduce production costs. Because of energy conservation, there will be less waste of energy. Hence with the help of a steam turbine maximum amount of energy can be conserved.

A typical cogeneration application converts 70-80% of the energy in the original fuel to useful energy

Turtle Turbines manufactures exceptionally reliable steam turbine Generators with the highest efficiency in their class at the lowest ownership cost. The products can generate power at 25% of the grid power cost.
Thus the conservation of energy leads to saving money.