On-site power generation might be an appealing option for buying power from your local electric provider for both large and small enterprises. On-site generation can be employed in either a power-only mode or a combined heat and power mode (cogeneration), in which thermal energy that would otherwise be rejected is cost-effectively used.
Onsite Power generation can be obtained by installing a Small Steam Turbine Generator in the Industry Process. Small and medium-sized companies with lower-output steam systems can be found in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical, and textile industries, as well as energy suppliers. The small steam turbine provides more electricity with the same fuel input as conventional steam turbines. Even in single-shift operation, electricity costs can be reduced due to the turbine’s low life-cycle costs.
When the cost of onsite power generation is less than the cost of buying power, you pocket the cost savings. A steam Turbine can provide essential backup to the electricity supplied by the local utility. Almost all current cogeneration plant operators can obtain power from their local electric company if necessary. This backup can thus provide health and safety, industrial process continuity, or major protection against computer and information technology outages, all while saving money.

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Onsite Small Power Generation