A steam turbine generator is a machine which extracts the thermal energy from pressurized steam and uses it to do mechanical work on the rotating shaft. The South Korean government is responding towards global environmental and energy concerns with a long term plan geared towards urban areas that promotes combined heat and power supply systems. Hence this can reduce the air pollution and green house gas emissions that causes global warming. Steam turbine generators for South Korea is used in many process industries. The process requires lower pressures whereas steam is being produced in steam boilers at lower and higher pressures. This high pressure of steam is dropped in PRV to get required process pressure. There is huge loss of energy in PRV.

A steam turbine generators for South Korea is used to recover this loss by installing steam turbine instead of PRV. The steam at higher pressure is passed through the steam turbine generator in South Korea and delivers the steam at required process pressure. The steam turbine generator for South Korea is designed with respect to the inlet and outlet steam pressure exactly matching with the customer requirements.

Steam turbine generator for South Korea used in several industries like food industries, refineries, distilleries, pulp and paper plants, textiles and milk dairy plants.

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