Steam Turbine Generator in Turkey is used for process industries. The process requires steam at lower pressure whereas steam is produced in steam boilers at medium to high pressure. This high pressure of steam is dropped in a PRV to get low or required process pressure. A huge energy loss is happening in PRV. Steam Turbine Generators in Turkey are used to recover this loss by converting the enthalpy drop occurring into the PRV to useful mechanical or electrical energy. The steam at higher pressure is passed through the steam turbine generator in turkey and delivers the steam at the required process pressure. The steam Turbine generators in Turkey are designed with respect to the inlet and outlet steam pressure exactly matching the requirement.

Several process industries which can use Steam Turbine Generators in Turkey are present. If process industries in Turkey use Steam Turbine Generators they will benefit financially as well as it helps reduce Carbon Foot Print and improve sustainability.

The steam turbine generators for Turkey are available from 100 kW to 3000 kW and above as well. For a successful installation, proper application engineering is required which can be done easily by the capable steam Turbine generator manufacturer. Steam from dry and saturated with can be the best suited for steam turbine generators in Turkey for the process industries or waste heat recovery applications.

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