In the Veg Oil Industry generally, the Steam Pressure is reduced using a PRV. The Steam Turbine is erected to serve as a Rotary PRV and to recover energy that would otherwise be lost in the PRV. The recovered energy is then turned into usable clean electrical energy. In Veg Oil industries Steam Turbines are specifically developed to provide the best, most efficient, and most dependable option in the industry for providing steam for Veg oil processing at various stages. Turtle Turbines are engineered for Continuous power generation as well as the production of steam for process, giving the best available solutions to the plant’s fluctuating needs.

Steam Turbine in Vegetable Oil Industry
Steam Turbine in Vegetable Oil Industry turtle urbine

Steam turbines are used in a variety of industrial applications, including the production of vegetable oils, palm oils, fertilizers, and power plants.
To generate power, steam turbines are connected to an electric generator.
In the vegetable oil industry, steam turbine inlet steam conditions are typically between 12 (barg) Dry and Saturated and 45 (barg) 450 (°C).

Steam turbines use the energy released by expanding steam to generate electricity. Steam is generated by a boiler and then expanded in stages in the steam turbine until it reaches the predetermined exhaust pressure. Different processes, such as deodorization (2.5 to 5 barg) and direct heating, can use pre-defined exhaust pressures (2 to 3.5 barg).