Steam Turbine overhauling is very important to run turbine continuously with maximum efficiency. Overhauling of steam turbine is the major thing that we need to do every year within the scheduled time. In overhauling firstly we need to consider major overhauls like detailed inspection and overhaul of the entire steam turbine generator set including the turbine casing rotor, seals, bearings, the generator, and auxiliaries such as the gear, couplings, lubrication system, and controls.

Steam Turbine Overhauling

Following are the some steps we need to take into action while doing steam turbine overhauling.

  1. Isolate steam inlet, remove coupling gaurd and Coupling spacer to disconnect from driven. 2. Dismantle governor and linkages with governor valve. 3. Loose the bolts connecting top half split casing with bottom casing and take out. 4. Remove bearing covers on both side inboard and outboard. 5. Remove leak off lines of carbon ring housings. 6. Take out rotor with gland box and transfer to workshop to carry further overhaul. 7. Dismantle gland box case and carbon rings and journal bearings. 8. Remove governor drive coupling, trip collar, ball bearing, steam bunters on outboard side. 9. Remove coupling hub and steam bunters on inboard side. 10. Loosen wheel lock nuts with noting proper position of wheel and remove the wheel from the shaft with the use of arbor press. 11. Perfect inspection should be carried on each and every parts in case of any damage, score, brake. 12. Assembly is the reverse procedures of dismantle. Use proper sealing compound in between casing split and bearing housing cover. 13. The following factors should be considered while and after assembling are, shaft run out, nozzle and reversing chamber condition, governor valve and trip functioning, journal bearing radial clearance and crush, carbon ring clearance, governor function, free rotation, alignment, etc. 14. Trip check should be checked before coupled with driven.
Steam Turbine Overhauling

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