Ethanol is being successfully used to replace petrol in various automobiles. Because the petrol cost is rapidly increasing hence ethanol production is most important in reducing the transport cost. The cost required to produce ethanol is less than petroleum fuels. Ethanol can be product red locally, instead of importing crude oil. The raw material required to produce ethanol is available locally at a reasonable cost. Ethanol is produced from biobased derivatives hence ethanol can be produced within the lowest cost. 

Steam Turbines In Ethanol Industry
Steam Turbines In Ethanol Industry

The ethanol production process includes milling the corn to meal & then liquefying the meal by adding water. Next, heat is given to the mixture, breaking down starch into sugar, and then yeast and enzymes are added into the mixture for fermentation of the sugar to ethanol. Within the distillation process of ethanol by boiling off and condensing it by removing residual water and finally purest ethanol produce.

To produce the purest form of alcohol constant temperature is important in the production of ethanol hence reliable power source is required. Steam is required for the distillation process hence there needs to be cogeneration and then we can produce the required amount of power within about 25% of the utility grid power cost. Therefore, Steam Turbines play a very important role to produce the required amount of steam pressure with a constant temperature than Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV).

TURTLE TURBINES manufactures Steam turbines for Ethanol Industry with stable backpressure and constant temperature for ethanol. Because of constant temperature Steam Turbine helps produce excellent quality of ethanol (alcohol) and also generates power.

Steam Turbines are used in Ethanol industries in which high pressure of steam drives the steam turbine & it generates power which is required to drive the production processes and with the help of steam turbines we will get the constant temperature that is required to produce excellent quality of ethanol (alcohol).