The construction of Solani Canal near Roorkee in December 1851was the first instance in the history of Steam-based locomotive in India. It took about 70 years from then for the first Thermal Power Plant to be set up in India. Hussain Sager Thermal Power Station in Hyderabad was set up in 1920. A total of 22.5 MW of power was generated from 4 Power Units supplied by English Electric and Westing House Electric.

Steam Turbines India
Steam Turbines India
Today more than 55% of the total power generated in India comes from Steam Turbines

Steam Turbine Technology India

The steam Turbine Manufacturing industry in India is growing. Technology for Steam Turbine Manufacturers in India has proliferated from various Steam Turbine Manufacturers in the World from Europe, Japan and the United States of America. Most of the Steam Turbine Manufacturers in the World have presence in India. These include Siemens, GE, Kirloskar Ebara, Elliot, Copus, MAN Energy, Mitsubishi Electric, Shinko, Shin Nippon, Dresser-Rand, Skinner Power, BHEL, Alsthom, Doosan Bellies Turbines, BHEL and Triveni Turbines.

With the proliferation of manufacturing technologies in India, the quality of steam turbines manufactured in India today matches those of the best in the world. Supply chain resources for base manufacturing industries are well established all across the country. These include core manufacturing industries such as Steel Forgings, Steel Castings, Precision Machining, Hydraulics, Pneumatics, etc., Backed by well-educated, skilled, and experienced human resources for Engineering, Analysis, Assembly, and Site Services India today is well equipped to deliver world-class products.

Steam Turbine Export from India

India exports Steam Turbines of value more than 50 Million Dollars with a growing trend. Steam Turbines manufactured in India today are exported to more than 70 countries in the World. These countries include;

01. Australia

02. Bangladesh

03. Belize

04. Bosnia Herzegovina

05. Brazil

06. Cameroon

07. China

08. Colombia

09. Congo

10 Costa Rica

11 Croatia

12. Ecuador

13. El Salvador

14. Eritrea

15. Estonia

15. Ethiopia

16. Finland

18. Ghana

19. Guatemala

20. Guyana

21. Honduras

22. India

23. Indonesia

24. Iran

25. Ireland

26. Italy

27. Jamaica

28. Kenya

29. Kuwait

30. Laos

31. Lebanon

32. Lithuania

33. Malawi

34. Malaysia

35. Mauritius

36. Mexico

37. Mozambique

38. Myanmar

39  Nepal

40. the Netherlands

41. Nicaragua

42. Nigeria

43. Pakistan

44. Panama

45. Papua New Guinea

46. Peru

47. the Philippines

48. Poland

49. Portugal

50. Fiji

51. Romania

52. Russia

53. Saudi Arabia

54. Singapore

55. South Africa

56. South Korea

59. Swaziland

60. Sweden

61. Tanzania

62. Thailand

63. Tunisia

64. Turkey

65. the United Arab Emirates

66. Uganda

67. United Kingdom

68. Ukraine

69. Uzbekistan

70. Venezuela

71. Vietnam

72. Zambia