Ukraine is one of the lagest country in east Europe and it is an emerging free market with industrial ratio in GDP. The major industries included agriculture, energy, metallurgy, chemicals, and manufacturing, Due to war and other geopolitical scenario Ukraine is suffering from energy crices.

All these industries in Ukraine consumes lot of steam and thus steam turbine in Ukraine as power source for individual company becomes the most viable and economical solution.

Most of the chemical and agricultural processing industries use boilers and have the potential to run a steam turbine in Ukraine without hindering their process.
They can put steam turbine parallel to their PRS or PRDS and convert the pressure energy to electricity in Ukraine.

Steel and other metal industries can use steam turbine for captive power generation in Ukraine. Metal plant requires lot of heat which can be utilised to generate steam in WHRS and then steam to generate power by steam turbines in Ukraine. For such application condensing steam turbines are more suitable

Turtle Turbines provides the solution of power generating steam turbines for both saturated and superheated boilers. These steam turbines precisely controls the steam pressure while generating the power. Turtle Turbines have developed the condensing steam turbine which can employ for captive power generation in Ukraine.