With the current global warming conditions which the entire world is facing, global leaders have decided to address the issues at various levels and seek contribution from different levels of the community and industry at large. The Industrial contribution to the carbon footprint is being generated due to various fossil fuels used by Utility Thermal power plants. Large Steam Turbines are being used to generate power which in turn is being used in running a production facility, transportation of goods for sourcing of raw material and delivery of goods to the end user. Identifying this, Industry owners have realised that they can create a big impact by taking conscious efforts in reducing the carbon footprint at various levels of operations.

One such area in the industry operation is utilisation of Energy at various stages of the plant operation which includes process heating using steam and operation of the electrical equipment in the processes which utilises most of the carbon generating fuels at large utility power plants. To reduce the effect of this high carbon footprint, the solution lies in having Distributed power generation using Small Industrial Steam Turbine Generators at the point of utilisation. This will lead to reduction of losses occurring during transporation of electicity from power generating station to the level of end user, which is typically 30% to 40%.

The distributed power generation can be achieved by having industrial size Steam Turbine power plants utilising locally available bio-mass as fuel for the boilers generating steam at medium or high pressure typically 10.5 Bar to 40 Bar and mostly used for process heating at 1 Bar to 10.5 Bar, utilising the same steam for generating power using steam turbines. In the industry, this is known as Combined Heat and Power (CHP) generation or Cogeneration. In this way the usage of fossil fuels and carbon footprint can be reduced.

There are various operation configurations of Industrial Steam Tubrines to produce heat and power for the process requirement such as Back Pressure; process required one single pressure (heat) in the process, Extraction cum Back Pressure; different temperatures required in the process, Extraction cum Condensing; partial steam. Majority of the power demand can be met by Steam Turbine in areas of power scarcity due to remote location. It can also be implemented to utilise the locally available biomass and reduce carbon footprint and create a large positive impact on the environment.

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