A solution that Turkey can adopt to reduce energy costs and enhance sustainability is waste heat recovery technology. Turkey’s industrial sector produces significant amounts of waste heat from Gas Engines Diesel Engine Generators etc, which can be harnessed and used to meet the heating, cooling, and power needs of factories.

The process involves capturing the waste heat and using it to power a Micro Steam Turbine, which in turn generates electricity. Waste heat recovery technology can provide all three energy types: heating, cooling, and electricity. Once the heat has been converted to steam through a Steam Boiler, it can be used to generate power using Micro Turbines and at the same time provide heating and cooling systems (using VAM chillers) throughout the factory using exhaust steam from the Micro Turbine.

By using Micro Turbines, Turkish industries can save energy costs, reduce carbon emissions and improve efficiency, making them more competitive.

In summary, the adoption of waste heat recovery technology can help Turkey’s industrial sector reduce energy costs and enhance global competitiveness while promoting energy efficiency, sustainability, and the use of clean energy sources.

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