5 key factors for Selection of Boiler and Steam Turbine

5 key factors for Selection of Boiler and Steam Turbine

  1. Total electric load – The inlet pressure should be selected depending on the total electric load of the plant. If the plant’s electrical load is more then a higher-pressure boiler can be selected.
  2. Total Steam flow requirement – The steam flow rate required can help in deciding medium or high-pressure boiler. Higher the steam flow then there is a chance for higher pressure boiler depending upon the plant’s electrical load.
  3. Process Pressure Requirement – Depending upon the pressure required in a process, boiler pressure and turbine capacity can be decided.
  4. Cost of Fuel – The cost of fuel is also an important factor in deciding the cost of steam and power generation
  5. Grid power availability- The availability of grid power can also decide whether to go for Cogeneration or Captive Power steam turbines.

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