Back pressure steam turbines can be single-stage or multistage type and are used in many industrial plants.
In the chemical industry steam is widely used in the processes for heating purposes at various pressures. Various configurations of the boiler are used such as Saturated Steam boilers, Medium Pressure Boilers, and High-Pressure Superheated Boilers. The enthalpy drop from boiler pressure to process pressure is done in a steam turbine generator or a PRV. A plant can be benefitted by generating its electricity by installing a backpressure steam turbine. The size of a back-pressure steam turbine or a boiler depends on the plant’s heating and electrical load. Proper application engineering can help to reach the highest overall efficiency by optimizing the boiler and back pressure turbine size. The back pressure type of steam turbine supplies not only electricity but also steam to various process requirements.
To decide the optimum size of the boiler and back pressure turbine, the cogeneration option can be looked out for during the selection of a boiler. Any process that produces heat by the exothermic reaction can also be taken into consideration as a waste heat recovery option. This will help in saving on electricity costs and thus will improve the overall thermal efficiency of the plant. Back pressure turbines right from 100kW to large capacity ratings can be used for an in-house power generation option.

The back pressure steam turbines are also used in many industries such as oil refineries, petrochemical, Paper pulp, fiber, and food industries, where large amounts of steam are required.
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