High-pressure steam is used in steam turbines to produce electricity for the paper industry.
The installation of a steam turbine is the best option to generate captive power for pulp and paper plant manufacturers.

Steam turbines are proving themselves very effective in the pulp and paper industry. They provide process heat and power. In the pulp and paper industry inlet, steam conditions are typically between 12 (barg) dry and saturated and 63 (barg) 480(°C). The steam is fed to the steam turbine to generate power.
The exhaust steam is used for heating, such as drying paper, evaporation, heat for chemical reactions, or distillation. The steam turbine develops the appropriate balance between power and steam to maximize the potential of the co-generation process, thereby minimize the impact on the environment. The best alternative for the manufacturers is to build their own captive power plants that will run in cogeneration mode.

With the help of a steam turbine paper manufacturers can produce the steam pressure as per production requirements. Pulp and Paper mills plants use rolls that are internally heated with steam. Steam turbine maintains a uniform steam temperature across the surface of the roll. Hence it improves the quality of the product. Since steam is a gas, it fills the entire volume of the roll and evenly distributes heat as it condenses.
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