The Ukraine Rassia war has found profound effect on global energy markets. Fuel price volatility, supply shortage and infrastructure dissruption it difficult for industries in Ukraine to get uninterrupted power supply from the national grid. To have own power source back pressure turbine can be the feasible and economical solution for many energy intensive industries.

Back Pressure Turbines in Ukraine used by Process Industries as a generator drive and mechanical drives for pumps, compressors and other applications. Back Pressure Turbines in Ukraine are also often used in renewable energy sectors like biomass, waste-to-energy, district heating, and seawater desalination applications.

Reliability of back pressure turbine will be the biggest factor to use such back-pressure turbine in Ukraine by individual industries. Back pressure Turbine in Ukraine can use as a replacement to PRS or PRDS system to generate power without deviating the process parameters.Onsite co-generation systems with back pressure turbines in Ukraine have total efficiency up to 85% as compared to the 30% efficiency of coal fired grid supplied electricity which ensures good sustainability for the coming years.

Turtle Turbines are delivering such high efficient back pressure turbines from the last two decades which can be best suitable to fulfill the energy need in Ukraine. Our products range is from 50 kW to 3000 kW. For more details visit our website and write to us on,