Steam Turbines are used for many applications for Power Generation in Power Plants, Combine Power and Heat applications, Co-generation, etc. Depending upon the power requirements steam parameters and boiler specifications are decided. Boilers are available at various pressures like Critical Pressure, High Pressure, Medium Pressure, and Low Pressure.

In process industries steam is used for heating at low pressure, accordingly, the low or medium pressure Boiler is selected. The low-pressure Boilers are usually ranging from 10.5 kg/cm² (g) to 28 kg/cm² (g) and Dry and Saturated steam.

For the low-pressure saturated steam boilers, power generation with a Low-Pressure Steam Turbine can be possible. Since the steam is available in dry & saturated conditions the design of turbine or power generation potential should be done cautiously. In such conditions, more care should be given to moisture content or steam quality than aiming for maximum possible power generation.

Turtle Turbines have been designed as per API and successfully installed many low-pressure steam turbines (vaporpower) on dry & saturated steam and which are generating power without any interruption.

Turtle Turbines is one of the most reputed Steam Turbine Manufacturers In India.