The Micro Steam Turbine generator makes it possible to generate electricity at a reasonable cost and with minimal energy and resource loss. With the Micro Steam Turbine Generator, low steam flows and pressure differences are sufficient to generate power. The Micro Steam Turbine is not only substantially smaller than traditional steam turbines, but it is also completely Lube Oil Free and can be easily integrated into existing processes and factories.

Micro Steam Turbine Generator

Food, pharmaceutical, chemical, and textile industries, as well as energy suppliers, all have small and medium-sized businesses that use lower-output steam systems. Using the Micro Steam Turbine Generator, they may save a significant amount of energy. The small steam turbine produces more electricity with the same fuel input as conventional steam turbines in the output range of up to 300 kW. Because of the turbine’s low life-cycle costs, electricity prices can be lowered even in single-shift operation.

When installed in process facilities, the micro steam turbine generator substitutes a Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) in the steam system. Steam for the Process is typically generated at high pressure in a steam boiler and then mechanically reduced to the desired operating pressure by a Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV). The Micro Steam turbine, which is situated between the steam boiler and the process, will continuously generate up to 300 kW of power.

The power generated from Micro Steam Turbines is green energy. The wasteful pressure energy of steam is converted into useful clean electrical power. A Micro Steam Turbine reduces carbon foot print of industries.