Energy demand is increasing day by day in the world. Energy generation is one of the critical challenges that will be faced in the future.

Businesses need to strike the balance between operational efficiency and sustainable development. With soaring energy prices and increased scarcity of natural resources, pinpointing energy efficiencies – from planning to manufacturing to operations – is the most important for any business’s survival.

One of the ways to sustainable development is to become more energy efficient so as to optimize existing resources and plan the right investments in new technologies or become energy independent by generating own energy.

Any industry using continuous steam has the ability to generate its own power by using a Steam turbine as a bypass to the PRDS / PRS system. The pressure energy which is lost in the PRDS can be converted to electrical energy by using a back pressure steam turbine. One of the ways to sustainable development

Turtle turbine has the expertise to develop customized steam turbines as per customer needs. Conserving energy is one of the best ways to have sustainable development for the future

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