Manufacturers have categorized steam turbines by a different variety of flexible design features. They set them up in a configuration optimized for special process requirements. This keeps delivery time and cost at a minimum level. They combine proven technology with convincing operating reliability.
Most of the common features which lie under every manufacturer for the steam turbine, they should be compact, powerful, efficient, reliable turbine and capable of meeting a wide range of steam cycles, site conditions, and operating modes. Frequent power cuts, blackouts, and load shedding have contributed to the increased demand for steam turbines for power generation.
Steam turbine manufacturers consider and apply in the fields such as Power Generation, Cogeneration, Waste-Heat Utilization, Pressure-Difference Utilization, Waste-to-Energy Generation, Biomass Power Generation, and Industrial Driving.
Following are the top 10 Steam Turbine manufacturers in the world :

  1. Ansaldo Energia
  2. General Electric
  3. Man-Energy Solutions
  4. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
  5. Siemens Energy
  6. Doosan Skoda Power
  7. Elliott company
  8. Peter Brotherhood
  9. Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd.
  10. Shin Nippon

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