In a Sulphuric Acid plant, a huge quantity of waste heat is generated which is utilized in a Waste Heat Boiler to generate steam. The steam thus generated is used to drive a steam turbine. These steam turbines can be used to further drive a Blower or to generate power. Condensing or extraction condensing type of Turbine is widely used to generate power. Turtle Turbines over 2 decades Engineered and Designed their Best in Class Turbines by considering the need of Sulphuric Acid Industry which are modern, highly efficient, low maintenance, and very easy to operate.

The Turbines can also take the variations in steam flow which is due to variation in sulphur production. The Turbine pays back within a year. With extraction condensing Steam Turbine both process steam requirement and electricity generation can be achieved. Heat is recovered from the sulphur by the production of high-pressure [40 kg/cm2 (g) or 60 kg/cm2 (g)] saturated steam in a waste heat boiler and further flows through a superheater to produce superheated steam [around 400 Deg C]. The High Pressure Superheated Steam is fed to a steam turbine to produce electricity. This electricity is used to feed electrical motors of other equipment inside the plant. Proper Design of Steam Turbine, Condenser, and Cooling water systems impacts the overall performance of the plant. Installation of Steam Turbine reduces the steam cost and pays back on electricity bills.