Global warming is an effect on the environment where due to the increase in carbon content of the atmosphere, the overall temperature of the globe keeps on increasing, causing massive repercussions in the ecological balance. The effects can range from summers getting hotter, changes in the direction of wind currents due to changes of hot and cold air currents causing changes in the behavior of the clouds, small lakes and rivers slowly drying up, changes in the lifecycle of species, causing holes in the ozone layer which protect us from UV rays and cosmic radiation to the melting of the ice caps. We will be exploring global warming and steam turbines.

The major contributors to global warming and steam turbines are things producing CO2 as waste material which is being let out into the environment. They can be vehicle exhausts or factory chimneys. We will be focusing on the factories and plants that produce heat as waste because that is where steam turbines play a very important role. Well, what happens in these plants for them to be producing waste heat and steam? The answer is, that a lot of plant processes need heat to produce a certain product or need heat to complete a procedure. To achieve this, there is a boiler in place which converts water to steam and this steam is then sent to a Pressure Relief Valve (PRV), which adjusts the pressure of the steam and releases it according to the requirement of the process in the plant.

The problem with a PRV is that there is always a lot of steam being wasted during pressure adjustment. Steam turbines play a vital role here as they harness the steam that is going to waste, which is then used to move rotors inside the turbines, converting the mechanical energy into electrical energy. These steam turbines help in reducing the carbon footprints of the plant, which is becoming a focal point not only for corporates across the world but also for governments in an effort to reduce carbon production and help reduce and combat global warming. The second advantage is of electrical and monetary value as it not only helps save money and electricity if there is enough steam, a whole turbine can run the electricity requirement of a plant all by itself! Steam turbines, hence, are not only machines that can be used as positive substitutes, they are also reliable, intelligent, and robust! Truly, global warming and steam turbines are playing the field against each other.

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