What is Ethanol Used for in the Industry?

What is Ethanol Used for in the Industry?

Most of the world’s ethanol is produced by fermentation of crops (93%) with synthetic ethanol (7%) being produced by direct hydration of ethene. Fermentation of plant material (for example, barley and rice) is the process by which alcoholic beverages (such as beer, whiskey, gin, and vodka) are produced. It is also the method by which bioethanol for biofuels is produced. The most important application of bioethanol is as a vehicle fuel. However, one that is becoming more prevalent is the production of ethene as a route to polyethylene (ethene). Other important applications for ethanol as a chemical intermediate include: ethanolamines/ethyl amines ethyl propenoate glycol ethers
It’s also used in the production of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, detergents, inks, and coatings.

What is Ethanol Used for in the Industry
What is Ethanol Used for in the Industry

Steam Turbines are effectively integrated to generate power using the pressure difference between the Boiler Pressure and the Process Pressure. Turtle Turbines has supplied several turbines to Ethanol Industries even with varying steam flows.

Turtle Turbines’ versatility and efficiency provide exhaust steam at the correct pressure and temperature for use in critical processes in the ethanol industry. The entire power demand of the factory can be self-generated when used in conjunction with a high-pressure boiler.

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