Steam turbines are used for many applications for Power generation in power plants, combining power and heat application, cogeneration, etc. It’s power generating equipment. Steam turbines are the most valuable essential equipment in sugar, distillery, food industry, Edible oils, Paper Industry, Dairy plants, Cement plants, and many more industries. It generates power at the lowest cost as compared to grid power.
While installing steam turbines proper care needs to be taken for successful power generation. There are 5 mistakes in the installation of steam turbines that are ignored sometimes.

  1. Turbine room layout not planned properly – As per OEM, the turbine room layout should be planned properly. For ex. Fuel (coal) and ash circuit, air and flue gas circuit, feed water, and steam flow circuit, and cooling water circuit should be as per OEM plan layout.
  2. Steam turbine generating set orientation is not done as per planned layout.
  3. Drain pipes and cables are not routed through trenches.
    Underground drain pipes and cables are protected from ice storms, lightning, and high winds. Hence drain pipes and cables should be routed through trenches.
  4. Steam piping layout not done properly – Turbine piping stress analysis is one of the most critical analyses that need to be done as per OEM.
  5. The turbine room does not have sufficient air and natural light. The turbine room environment should be clean and clear for successful turbine operations.
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5 common mistakes in steam turbine installation