The steam turbine is the most valuable essential equipment in sugar, distillery, food industry, Edible oils, Paper Industry, Dairy plants, Cement plants, and many more industries. It generates power at the lowest cost as compared to grid power. Hence while installing steam turbines proper care needs to be taken for successful power generation. There are 5 secrets of successful steam turbine installation.

  1. Avoid the dust environment of the turbine room. The steam turbine room in the powerhouse building will be provided with air washer units. The turbine room should have exhaust fans for maintaining a clean environment of turbine room.
  2. Proper Piping stress analysis. Ensure the correct weight of the valve, flange, and any inline items, and mark the weight in the stress sketch. Branch piping. Check insulation density carefully. Wherever spring supports are used, define spring rate and cold load.
  3. Layout considerations for turbine piping. Enough flexibility in steam turbine piping has to be provided to make up for thermal. Stresses as these lines are subjected to high temperatures by providing long-run pipes, loops, and bends. Line routing should be fabricated by bending or welding processes instead of flange connections to avoid leakage in steam lines. All main area piping has to be done by a vendor or inspected by OEM as per requirement. Steam traps are to be provided in all steam lines to avoid condensate accumulation. Expansion bellows can be used in large diameter and short span, rigid piping systems.
  4. Maintain steam quality and water quality as per OEM.
    The most challenging systems to design are low-pressure steam systems, as the lower pressure steam can contain more moisture. With the help of proper separation or scrubbing devices in the steam, the drum can improve the steam quality. Maintain steam inlet pressure and temperature as per design of OEM.
  5. Higher steam turbine competent operator and provide training from OEM only.
  6. Follow statutory standards and norms in your turbine area as per recommended by OEM.
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