500kW steam turbine Generator for Uganda is a machine that converts heat energy into mechanical energy and then it converts mechanical into electricity through the alternator. The 500kW steam turbine generator for Uganda is designed with respect to the inlet and outlet steam pressure exactly matching with the requirements. The maximum inlet steam pressure and temperature of a 500kW steam turbine Generator for Uganda is 32 bar (g) and 300 degrees Celcius. And maximum exhaust steam pressure and temperature is 5 bar (g) and 200 degrees Celcius. 500kW steam turbines generator for Uganda are especially suited to an array of different industries which include textiles, chemicals, paper, pharmaceuticals, rice, sugar, distilleries, food processing, and many more. Turtle turbines are designed 500kW turbines to operate in saturated steam, low-pressure, high-pressure, and superheated steam applications.

To recover the loss of steam in PRV steam turbines convert this enthalpy drop to useful electrical energy. In the present scenario, several process industries are using 500kW steam turbine generators in Uganda. The process requires steam at lower pressure whereas steam is produced in steam boilers at medium to high pressure. This excess pressure of steam drop by using PRV to get the required process pressure. The steam turbines are available in the range of 100kW to 3000kW for Uganda. For successful installation and power, proper application engineering is required along with the good quality of the material.
Turtle turbines offer an intelligent alternative for reliable, efficient, and cost-effective onsite power generation for Uganda. Our custom designed 500 kW steam turbine generator for Uganda supports commercial energy requirements for continuous or standby power upto 3000kW, including renewable energy applications and green energy initiatives. Turtle turbines provide complete packages including steam turbines, speed-reducing gear, generator, integrated control system, lubrication system, and also baseplate. For more information please visit www.turtleturbines.com