Steam Turbine plant in Kenya plays a vital role to generate electricity to fulfill its demand. Almost every process industry has the potential to generate its own power through steam turbine plants in Kenya without affecting its process.

Most of the processing industries in Kenya employ PRV to drop pressure from boiler pressure to the required process pressure. Steam turbine plants can be used in place of PRV for such industries in Kenya. We can utilize this energy to generate electricity with the help of a Steam turbine plant in Kenya. It reduces grid dependency without hampering the process with a very marginal increment in fuel cost.

Kenya has seen many frequent grid failures in recent years and thus it is much more important for industries to generate their own power using steam turbine plants in Kenya. Steam turbine plants in Kenya for such process industries can be used as a stand-alone power source or can be synced with the grid.

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Turtle Turbines is one of the most reputed Steam Turbine Manufacturers In India.