A backpressure steam turbine is a device that converts thermal energy into mechanical work. Backpressure Steam Turbines are one of the most versatile prime mover technologies used in the industry to drive electrical Generators, pumps, fans, and compressors. Backpressure Steam Turbines have been used to generate power. With the help of Backpressure Steam Turbines, energy can be conserved.
Backpressure Steam Turbines can provide mechanical work and reduce steam pressures for plant process applications. Backpressure Steam Turbines can operate at different RPMs, unlike an electric motor, thus backpressure Steam Turbines can be directly coupled to a pump, fan, or another device without a reduction gear system. Boilers can use different fuels to generate steam for back-pressure steam turbines. Backpressure Steam Turbines can accommodate different steam pressures from very high to low Steam pressures. Backpressure Steam Turbines can extract steam for different steam pressures required by process applications very efficiently. Backpressure Steam Turbines can use superheated or saturated steam for the motive force.
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