For reliable performance and to ensure long life with uninterrupted power output it is very much important to operate and maintain turbines carefully as per manufacturers’ guidelines.
Following are the best practices for the operation and maintenance of the turbine.
Steam turbine operation and performance require the correct steam pressure at the turbine inlet and high steam quality to ensure high turbine reliability.

While starting the steam turbine.

  1. Ensure sufficient Water supply for oil and Steam Turbine Generator cooling.
  2. Preheat or warm up the steam turbine as per the defined warm-up ramp cycle
  3. Ensure there is no moisture/condensation in the inlet and exhaust lines of the Steam Turbine
  4. Ensure adequate Instrument air supply to Governor, instruments, and other valves for their proper functioning.
  5. Make provision for an auxiliary power supply for the Oil Pump to start to have lube oil circulation.
  6. Ensure Proper expansion compensation at the exit of a steam turbine.
  7. The supply and exhaust lines should be properly sized.
    Steam piping needs to be properly supported.

To have a good performance of the turbine. It needs to be maintained properly as per manufacturers’ guidelines.

For preventive maintenance
Check the general cleanliness of the turbine room.
Lubrication leakage, water leakage, and air leakage should be checked on a weekly basis
Clean lube oil filter, entire oil circuit water circuit, and air circuit on a timely basis.
Check expansion bellows, and gearbox pinions for damage every half-yearly.
Complete turbine overhauling should be done yearly.
Worn-out parts need to be changed at regular intervals
Oil needs to be checked and replaced at the specified period.

The best way to keep the steam turbine performing at the best level is to follow the vendor’s guidelines for the operation and maintenance of steam turbines.

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