The Single Stage Steam Turbine is designed to provide customers with reliable and cost-effective drives for fans, compressors, water, oil pumps, and generators in process industries.
A single-stage turbine is a reliable machine that is typically used for smaller power capacities of up to 300 kW. Water pump, process pump, BFW pump, Oil pump, Compressor, Generator drives, and fan are just a few of the practical applications included in the single-stage Steam Turbines.

Multi-stage turbine Turtle Turbines are generally suitable for Power Generation applications. Multistage Steam Turbines can be of various types Back Pressure Steam turbines, Extraction Back Pressure Steam turbines, Extraction Condensing Steam turbines, and Condensing Steam turbines. Multistage Steam Turbines also allow for higher pressure and thus enthalpy drop, hence providing better efficiency over the Single Steam Steam Turbines.

Turtle Turbines manufactures and supplies Single Stage and Multistage Steam Turbines of various types, combinations and power ranges to suite customers’s specific requirements.