Condensing steam turbines are most commonly found in thermal power plants. In a condensing steam turbine, the maximum amount of energy is extracted from the steam. This is achieved by passing the exhaust steam into a condenser, which condenses the exhaust steam from the low-pressure stages of the main turbine. The condensing turbines are able to use the total energy of the inlet steam flow to a maximum extent. Therefore, this type of turbine is used for power utilities that want to supply electricity to consumers as much as possible.
The condensing turbines take high-pressure steam, expand it in turbine nozzles and blades, and exhaust it to a condenser at lower than atmospheric pressure. Condensing steam turbines are used when power must be generated with minimum steam consumption. The condensing turbines also have bleed points to satisfy steam demands at medium intermediate pressures. Condensing steam turbines are used when the bleed points to satisfy steam demand are low and pressure variations can be tolerated.
Condensing steam turbines are mainly used for power generation where bleed steam is required for feed water heating, LP heater, and deaerator requirement, and where bleed steam is utilized to meet small process demands.
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